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Thread: Picture SMS

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    Red face Picture SMS

    Hai to all,

    I am new to J2me.I am creating an application to send picture sms(as binary message). I set the Pay load data with the picture file (.ota). when i send the sms, at the recieving end i getTXT message with wild charactres(my mobile operator do support the format).how to resolve the problem?. Is there any sms type to be specified? If so, How?

    Please help me.


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    Re: Picture SMS

    Is your application sending SMS to a specific port ? Also would like to know whether on the other end you have any application to receive SMS?

    Here are some docs that would be of some interest to you
    Short Messaging

    MIDP 2.0: Wireless Messaging API Example

    A MIDlet Example Using the Wireless Messaging API and the Nokia SMS API: Chat

    Messaging Documents/Examples

    Also I have came across this link
    Sending Binary Messages

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Picture SMS

    hai Balagopal,

    Thank you for your kind reply, I am using a port 5000 for sending sms. From the url http://www.ihub.com/Binary%20Messages.htm that you reffered i found that,my message lack the UDH(data header) but the problem is I dont know how to set UDH in my j2me application?.please help me...........


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