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    E70 SIP much worse than E60


    I am testing the SIP client on E60 and E70, and have a problem with the E70. When making calls between two E60s the calls are fine, and audio as expected when moving between APs, but when I try to use the E70 the audio always has a 2-3 sec. delay and audio is severely robotified or even lost. This is also the case when calling a "normal" phone (eg. SE K770i) with E70 SIP.

    I am using the smartRoaming client available through Tools-Catalogs-trial applications. It works fine in other applications and on the E60s.

    Can anyone test this on a different E70? I am using Voop (Voop.no) SIP server (settings available by sending Voop to 2290 in Norway(+47)).


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    Re: E70 SIP much worse than E60

    Well, I have used my E70 with VoIP in Denmark, calling through my own Asterisk installation to Musimi as VoIP registrar. It works ... sort of.

    Of course, there are many stability problems with the E70, and there are quite a few nags when it comes to handling Bluetooth.

    I have not experienced the latency you are describing. Voice quality is (when everything else works) ok, but with some artefacts (clicks, noise etc.). Many of the problems I experience appears to be linked to the way the phone handles the VoIP/Bluetooth combination. It seems that the Bluetooth is handled very separately for VoIP calls and GSM calls, both with regard to sound and controls.

    Nokia E70

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    Re: E70 SIP much worse than E60


    Is there a way of implementing VOIP via bluetooth on a Nokia N80? Is there any sample code available?

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