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    receive sms through j2me application

    how can i receive an sms in n91 using j2me application?
    what all things i have to take care?

    Is n91 using some ports to receive sms?is there any format for the address like sms://:[sms-port]?how should i open the connection say by Messageconnection/ CommConnection.what i have to set in push registry?

    im receiving my message in inbox not in my application.im able to send message.

    im very new to j2me,so if possible can i get a code.

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    Re: receive sms through j2me application


    if we are talking about midlet clietn that sends message that it could be started int two modes:
    sms://{phone number}
    sms://{phone number}:{port number}

    with #1 your message will be sent to device inbox
    with #2 yoru message will be sent for example to midlet which is listening for sms mesages on {port number}
    You cannot receive all messages into midlet - only those send with #2 syntax and only if your midlet is listening for them on the same port and is properly configured in JAD,

    Gopal posted today set of resource documents you can browse through (together with sample code),


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