Hello my Fellow Developers,

After using Carbide Express for more then 2 Months, I feel as if a Lifetime has passed and that a lot has been learnt from this fascinating tool. However, there has been one issue that has been bugging me for quite some time and I would like to see if some one has faced similar issues or, better yet, found a better solution then mine.

How can anyone transfer his\her project to another computer or save different versions of his project in Carbide Express. To be more explicit, I have created a project in Carbide and keep saving my progress. I do this by either exporting as an archive or as a filesystem. the problem comes when I wish to bring my saved work back into Carbide!!!

I know Project specefication files are not supported (such as mmp files, cant wait for that improvemnt to come along in carbide). The only way I have been able to load my projects back in with different names is by the following steps

1 Open a simple Hello world Project
2. Delet all files in the project ( such as *.cpp,*.hrh,*.loc,*.rss ,*.h etc)
3. Now import your previous version
4. Go into the properties and add all libraries needed ( this step really s*cks )

And so I have my prject loaded back in Carbide Express....Whew. this definitly is in-efficient and cumbersome. Kind of leaves a sour taste after all the sweetness Carbide has given to us!!!.

So if anyone finds this way helpful, he is most welcome . And if anyone has a better way then kindly post it here for everyone else.

Finally, when is Carbide Developer coming out. Any Beta testing going on in which I could take part.