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    Hi All,
    I am a vb developer presently working on vb.net.I don't know this is the right place to send my query or not but i need help in creating an SMS application.I have to create a function in vb or in vb.net through which i can send SMS anywhere in the word.Kindly help me out in this.
    Tell me from where i should start,i don't want to use any
    third party tool like simplewire or any third party sms gateway etc.Kindly tell me if there is some other way of sending sms where i could directly use mobile company services or something,i really need this. Kindly help me out in solving my problem and do tell me the right place of sending my queries if this is not the right place.
    Thanx and regards,

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    RE: Send


    You should start looking AT command specifications. AT commands is being used to (serial)communicate to your phone. At Forum Nokia web pages you can also find some FAQ's. Also, check our Connectivity SDK documentation for more detailed information.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    RE: Send


    In Forum Nokia we have a fee-based service called: Remote Short Message Service Center Access. You can obtain a SMSC account for our SMSC which is connected to the live GSM network. The service is available in Europe region. Please obtain access and more info from the following Forum Nokia web page:

    You can connect to the Nokia SMSC through the CIMD interface. Please study also some sample CIMD applications from the Forum Nokia web page (Messaging/CIMD/CIMD tools).

    Antti/Forum Nokia

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