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Thread: sis. files

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    Unhappy sis. files

    I recently had a sis. file sent to my computer by my brother (for my fone) and i wish to see what it is before i send it to my fone, it may be rude (knowing my brother)

    I have nokia suite, but that's to install it (i'm not sure I want to)

    I have 60 theme maker, which can't view sis. files

    and i've been everywhere else to find out how to view it,

    I'm not very technical... can someone help please

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    Re: sis. files

    hi grays85,

    welcome aboard!
    do you mean that you simply want to preview Symbian application (that is that .sis file) on your PC machine before you are using it on real phone?


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    Re: sis. files

    Hi grays85! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    We were already having some very similar discussions, please check this link.

    Please make a search in the Discussion Boards before making a post so that you may find some quick and helpful answers!


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