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    Idle Mode Text on Nokia 6680


    I am developing some application on SIM using SIM SDK. One of the features of this application is to display some text on idle screen of device. I am able to display this idle mode text on some other phone. The device does support setting idle mode text but it is not visible on device screen when the device is in idle mode.

    It may be due to reason that device populates some other information on idle screen and this information overwrites the idle mode text.

    Can anyone tell me what I shall do to edit the idle mode screen of Nokia 6680 so that I can display the idle mode text on phone scree?

    Alternatively can someone tell me how can I change the idle mode screen content of Nokia 6680 device.

    Thanks n regards,

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    Re: Idle Mode Text on Nokia 6680

    hi Nitin,
    welcome aboard!
    do you mean drawing text on idle screen with java api?
    unless I'm wrong that's not possible with standard api and nokia additional api,
    other manufacturer could support that (say Sony-Ericksonn?),
    edit: please disregard: I was assuming Java section post,
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