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    multiple Calendar entries (maybe vcal with smil, or pim api, or original mms)


    I have an intranet application for which I offer to my users that they can update their mobile device calendar with a number of event entries.

    Now the problem is that most Nokia phones do not seem to support multiple VEVENT entries in vcalendar format files, therefore they either get 20 or so messages with a seperate vcal file attached for which they have to save each one, or I can come up with a better way to deliver the updates.

    So far I have considered a midlet with PIM API, but I am guessing that support for that would be limited to few devices.

    I noticed that smil supports vcal media elements, but I can't find any examples of anyone using it for reference, and I also understand that support for that would be limited.

    So is there a preferred way to deliver multiple entries into the calendar application without doing some horrible cludge?

    Thanks in advance,

    Tom H

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    Re: multiple Calendar entries (maybe vcal with smil, or pim api, or original mms)

    hi Tom,
    you can make decision about implementation after making some research,
    as you pointed that is intranet application,
    so you can first check what devices are common within target users and check how many of them supports PIM (JSR-75):
    here is devices matrix for that jsr:
    and there is a great number of nokia phones listed (some are missing I think),
    so not listed devices users will simply have to "have some pain" in experience saving multiple objects from mms, but most of users will probably could just use midlet which:
    - either register for updates via push registry (sms, mms)
    - or just does quick pooled or user action based request to server via HTTP for updates


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