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    Can you help me to choose please?

    Asalam 3alykoum:
    About me:
    i'm a student in facutly of computers&informations computer science department .
    what i need:
    i'm searching for graduation project idea .

    which field i love to work in:
    i love to work in mobile field.

    what i know about mobile programming:
    1) J2ME we are learning it now.
    2) NO problem to learn Symbian C++ or any tool if project needs.

    which idea we search for:
    i'm searching for:
    1- a valuable idea.
    , new idea.
    ,interested idea.
    idea needed by markt is prefered.
    the time of graduation project is 1 year.

    thanks alot

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    Re: Can you help me to choose please?

    hi Marwa,

    my suggestions (that's network related section):
    - read about widsest - that is way of sharing content between connected clients using client<>server,


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