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Thread: Known Issues

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    Re: Known Issues

    Seriously? :-)
    Did you test that link before posting? Now it gets redirected to:

    Sorry for bugging you on this, but I do not think people are able to comment if they do not see an image of your problem...


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    Re: Known Issues

    Sorry ;-) Anyways i solved the issue. I was not using the entire display area of the custome item to display on the screen. Thanks a lot. Oh an i think there is something wrong with that site i am hosting. Each time i upload the link works fine and within a day it seems to get removed.

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    Re: Known Issues

    Going forward, Known Issues without workarounds should be posted in the bug tracking system. If you have a workaround for a particular issue, you should consider additionally creating a wiki article - see Portal:Java_ME_Known_Issues.

    This thread is now closed.

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