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    Can't throw exception error on 6230i


    I am developing a J2ME application that relies heavily on Bluetooth and http connectivity. One of the phones I wish to support will be the Nokia 6230i. Recently, my program crashed, causing a program error with the message “Can’t throw exception error”. I have tried to research as to why this might occur, but I have found no information as of yet. At first I suspected this might be memory related, however, I have only seen this happen on 6230i phones with firmware v.3.5. I have another 6230i with v.3.8 and it has never crashed. So my main question is if this is perhaps a firmware problem or if not, in what situations would a “Can’t throw exception error” be produced.

    As an additional note: with firmware 3.5 I have had many problems with connectivity. Sometimes the phone restarts automatically and it often looses the Bluetooth connection. This does not happen with v.3.8. So I wonder if the “Can’t throw exception error” is related to the connectivity problems.

    I’d greatly appreciate any insight to this problem .


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    Re: Can't throw exception error on 6230i

    Another thought is that it might be related to the record store. I save quite a bit of information in the record store and I just read this in the Forum Nokia Technical Library:

    RecordStore maximum size has been increased in Series 40 3rd Edition devices and some Series 40 2nd Edition devices KIJ000325
    Overview Previously there has been a limit of 32K for a single RecordStore in Series 40 devices. Now it has been increased.

    Reported against S60 2nd Edition and S60 3rd Edition, Nokia 6230i, Nokia 8800

    Date identified April 6, 2006

    Symptoms -

    Detailed description The maximum size of a RecordStore has been increased in the latest Series 40 devices. The maximum size varies between devices, but it can be asked by using the RecordStore.getSizeAvailable() method. The maximum size is, for example, in the Nokia 6230i approximately 130kB and in the Nokia 6270 260kB. The minimum record store size is 32K.

    How to reproduce -

    Solution -

    So I will look into this as well.

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    Re: Can't throw exception error on 6230i

    I have heard via a friend of mine who knows a nokia developer that this must be bluetooth related.

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