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    Can't throw exception error on 6230i


    I am developing a J2ME application that relies heavily on Bluetooth and http connectivity. One of the phones I wish to support will be the Nokia 6230i. Recently, my program crashed, causing a program error with the message “Can’t throw exception error”. I have tried to research as to why this might occur, but I have found no information as of yet. At first I suspected this might be memory related, however, I have only seen this happen on 6230i phones with firmware v.3.5. I have another 6230i with v.3.8 and it has never crashed. So my main question is if this is perhaps a firmware problem or if not, in what situations would a “Can’t throw exception error” be produced.

    As an additional note: with firmware 3.5 I have had many problems with connectivity. Sometimes the phone restarts automatically and it often looses the Bluetooth connection. This does not happen with v.3.8. So I wonder if the “Can’t throw exception error” is related to the connectivity problems.

    I’d greatly appreciate any insight to this problem .


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