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    MMS Demo with real phone

    Hello everybody,
    I need to develope a demo version of a MMS Service: I would like to send, from a real 7650 phone, an MMS that will be elaborated from a server application.
    I don't have access (by now) to a real MMSC....
    What can I do ?
    What if I send the MMS to the IP address of the EAIF emulator ? Could it work ?

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    RE: MMS Demo with real phone

    How about this:
    1)Get your MMS on your PC
    2)Configure and start EAIF emulator for testing Terminating App
    3)Use the EAIF emulator to send your MMS to your server application
    4)Get the output MMS from you server application and put it in mmsin directory of Series60 terminal emulator -- you can see what it looks like!

    ...either that or I didn't understand what the problem was...

    -paul / ForumNokia

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