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    Hang up the call in S60 V3

    Is there any way to hang up the calls that are not owned by our application ?

    Basically i want to hang up the call that are dialled by the default phone App.

    I am using CTelephony. There is a function called HangUp. But it seems , it can only hang up those calls that are dialled/answered by the application.
    I need to hang up the outgoing calls by the Phone Application ?

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    Gaurav Palvia

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    Re: Hang up the call in S60 V3

    This seems to work pretty well.

    TRawEvent ev1;
    ev1.Set(TRawEvent::EKeyDown, EStdKeyNo);
    UserSvr::AddEvent(ev1); // SwEvent
    TRawEvent ev2;
    ev2.Set(TRawEvent::EKeyUp, EStdKeyNo);
    UserSvr::AddEvent(ev2); // SwEvent

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