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    RE: 3510 ringtone/screensaver


    You can't delete ringintones by yourself in 3510. When allocated memory for the ringintones is full, terminal asks, do you want overwrite some of the existing tones.

    Animated screensavers (.gif) can only received in MMS message or use SmartMessaging to download the traditional images or screensavers, like in 33xx.

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    3510 ringtone/screensaver

    Hi all,

    I've downloaded a number of MIDI as my ringtone but some of them are duplicated so I would like to delete those. I've tried to name the new MIDI as the old one but it didn't overwrite, rather two ringtone with the same name existed. So is there any way to delete a downloaded ringtone? What's the total size for storing those MIDI? And is it shared with other kind of data? (Organizer, games...etc.)

    Besides, I would like to know the way to download animated screensaver(.gif file). From the forum and the doc. present I found that downloading through COD is limited to MIDI only for 3510. So is there anyway to download screensaver through WAP besides MMS? Or just like those 33xx, downloading them from those content provider(through smart messaging)?


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