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    Exclamation Can anyone send me some source with service discovery ?

    Hi to you all, i've already posted my complete problem in this Thread but no one has helped so far and i'm getting a lot of pressure to finish this project.I'm guessing that my last thread could be confusing, so i'm breaking it.

    My nokia 6630 hangs up when making Service Discovery and i don't seem to find out why Can anyone please send me some source code with a service search that works on Nokia? Note:it must be jsr82 and not a nokia only solution.

    If you're thinking of bttecho example, let me warn you that it didn't work on my phone

    Can anyone please help ? This is a very urgent issue.
    Best regards,

    Nuno Rodrigues

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    Re: Can anyone send me some source with service discovery ?

    hi Nuno,

    go to Sun:
    the similiar comes with Sun WTK sample apps if I'm not wrong,

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    Re: Can anyone send me some source with service discovery ?

    Hi peterblazejewicz,
    Tnx for your quick reply, but i'ved already tried that, without any sucess on Nokia 6630

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    Re: Can anyone send me some source with service discovery ?

    Hi nuno,

    Remove all calls to getFriendlyName() method and try again. This method is known to block Bluetooth (and thus, your thread) operations when called 1) too many times 2) during device/service search operations.

    My recommendation is that you:

    1) Perform device discovery.
    2) Store all devices in a Vector.
    3) After DD is finished, traverse the Vector calling getFriendlyName() for each RemoteDevice
    4) After you're done, proceed to service search.

    If the bttsppecho is not working, you might have a problem in your phone, because it usually works on all phones.


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    What about the example coming with the JSR-82 specification itself? If that does not work – it is really thready – nothing works.

    The threading model of Series 60 is a bit complicated. Have a search here.

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    Cool Re: Can anyone send me some source with service discovery ?

    Tnx for your replies

    I'ved tried for the second time to adapt the JSR82 Examples, which are for J2SE (and not J2ME), the first time didn't work out, this time i'ved reached some sucess. Now my 6630 doesn't hangs out doing service search

    Daniel, if you look carefully into my previous code in my original Thread
    i don't use the getFriendlyName() method. I wait until all the discovery process is finished and them i do try to get the Service's Name Attribute from the vector i'ved filled with ServiceRecords of the found services. There's a problem here because the phone crashes when trying to get them.

    But that's another problem that i will post in a diferent Thread.Hope it get's your attention

    I thank you all for replying and trying to help me out, thank you very much,


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