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    Max image size for MMS on the 3650

    I'm creating animated gifs to be sent as an MMS message and I want to utilize the maximum space. What are the max width and height parameters for the image?

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    RE: Max image size for MMS on the 3650


    "How to create MMS services" -document is a good starting point in problems like this. It can be found from http://nds1.forum.nokia.com/nds/NDS_TVerification_Interface?path=%2Fdownload%2FHow+to+Create+MMS+Services%5Fv3%5F21%2Epdf.

    Max. resolution for MMS is 174x136. If you want the picture and the text to be visible at the same time, 174x119. Larger images are also supported and they are scaled down to fit the screen.

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