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    Post Using Nokia Demo Projects with Eclipse 3.2.0


    I have installed Eclipse 3.2.0 and Carbide.j and I am able to create my own projects, to test them with the emulator and to download them to my Nokia mobile phones.

    However, I also would like to take a look onto the one or the other demo project from Nokia (e.g. "EventSharing") and to run it with the emulator and my Nokia mobile phones. Unfortunally I am not able to tell Eclipse to open, import or add any of these demo projects. It seems that Eclipse only wants to work on projects which have been created by Eclipse.

    Do you know which "hidden" functionality of Eclipse I do not see there and how I can use Nokia's demo projects with Eclipse?

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: Using Nokia Demo Projects with Eclipse 3.2.0


    I'm not eclipse user (and not a fun),
    it seems to not have "new project from existing sources..." option,
    it has some J2me "import wizard":
    but that not seems to be created for the purpose you want,

    so basically you can do following from what I know from my eclipse experience,
    1) create new J2me project
    2) right click on project and choose "Import into project" from existing source
    3) navigate to location of nokia sample and select all files you want to import
    tweak configuration according to jad/jar manifest

    by the way, the same process (import existing source) for MobilityPack for NetBeans is as easy as:
    choose new Project
    select Mobile>New Project From Existing MIDP Sources
    navigate to "scr" location (I've picked "CapitalWebService" Nokia JSR-172 example files)
    select manually .jad file if not located automatically (with above sample its picked by IDE)
    specify target platform (e.g. I picked S60 3rd ED for MIDP)
    click "Finish",
    then I can simply click "Run project" because all files are correctly imported and project will compile,

    sample tutorial:


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    Post Re: Using Nokia Demo Projects with Eclipse 3.2.0

    Hello Peter,

    thank you for your hints. Unfortunally they do not solve my problem:

    - I do not have a context menu item "J2ME" in my Eclipse application. Therefore I can not try out your first suggestion.

    - I have used the "Import" context menu item to import the "EventSharing" files. However, the resulting project was not compileable (at least not without 320 errors :-))

    In the meanwhile I have tried out two additional ways which should be able work for this purpose:

    - Via "New - Project" you can choose "Java Project from Existing Ant Buildfile" and you can select the "build.xml" file of the "EventSharing" example then. Unfortunally this ant file can not be imported by Eclipse because of missing "javac" definitions.

    - Via "New - Project" you can choose the plain "Java Project". At the first tab, there is an option "Create project from existing source" where I have specified the "EventSharing" source directory. Again I get 320 errors when I try to compile this project directly.

    I am very curious that the available examples do not work with the suggested development environment (Carbide.j Plug-In 2.0.4 and Eclipse 3.2.0). I really would like to have a reference project for my Eclipse from which I can start further evaluations.

    Do you know any other start point which I could take?

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: Using Nokia Demo Projects with Eclipse 3.2.0

    Carbide.j has been tested on Eclipse 3.1 and not yet on 3.2; so my suggestion is to install Carbide.j on top of Eclipse 3.1


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    Re: Using Nokia Demo Projects with Eclipse 3.2.0

    I had problems creating a new debug configuration for the NOKIA SDK plugin in Eclipse 3.2.0. After installing Eclipse 3.1.2 and reinstalling CarbideJ this feature works.


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    Re: Using Nokia Demo Projects with Eclipse 3.2.0

    I have used Eclipse3.2.1 and Carbide1.5.0 two weeks now, nothing serious projects but seems to work.
    * compiles fine through ant script
    * tools/carbide menu added to Eclipse window
    * emulators work fine

    Few issues I have found:
    * project/java compiler settings:
    compiler complianse level: 1.4
    generated .class file: 1.1
    source compatibility: 1.3
    * .project file in root of the project folder
    make sure comment tag has the following value or Nokia SDK plugin value stays empty
    <comment>MIDP Project (Nokia SDK Plug-in)</comment>
    * project/Nokia SDK Plugin, select emulator revision
    * project/Java build path/libraries, comes from wizard or select manually
    JRE_SYSTEM_LIB prototype_4_0_xxxx
    * build.xml/Run ant.../JRE
    (x)Run in the same JRE as workspace or excplicity take 1.4/1.5 JRE

    * if you dont see Tools/Carbide menu run -clean process once
    eclipse.exe -clean
    * If you installed standalone Carbide or installed new Eclipse version, copy eclipse plugin folders to new eclipse folder
    from: C:\Nokia\Tools\Carbide_j_1_5\bin\eclipse
    to: c:\Eclipse3.x.x

    Create one project through Wizard (File/project/java/MIDP Project...) and take build.xml file. Edit it to suit your needs and use it then as a template for each new project.

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