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    HttpConnection to a mobile device

    Answer to this problem may be simple, but it really troubles me for quite some time .

    Assuming a mobile device (any phone) is continuously listening to a port, is it possible to initiate a http connection to a mobile device from outside (e.g. my own pc)? Generally HttpConnection.connect() can be used to initiate a http request if destination host address and port are known. However, the real ip of the mobile device is only visible in mobile operator's local networks. What we can see from outside is simply NAT Gateway ip address. Without knowing the real ip of the mobile device, is it possible to form a http request to connect to the mobile device? Or it can only be done within mobile operator's local networks?

    Any help will be appreciated!!!
    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Re: HttpConnection to a mobile device

    Hi Ziwen,

    You could eventually initiate the connection sending a sms on a special port with the PushRegistry configured to launch your MIDlet.



    I konw I don't really answer your question but i'm not sure you can initiate a http connection from outside the operator network (as you said you don't know the ip of your mobile phone).

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    Re: HttpConnection to a mobile device

    This is in Symbian C++ section, thus I would not think Java answer would do.

    Anyway, you can not use the operators internal IP address from outside the operators internal network, since it is internal IP address, and usually it is one of those free ones, (like 10.xxx...)

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