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    Buggy getSecurityInfo() in new S60 devices?

    For some reason an error occurs when you're retrieving a security info of a https connection with some new Nokia S60 phones (N70, N90, N71 and 3250).

    If you have the following line in your code, the result will be an error message with seemingly arbitrary Posix number following by a weird "MIDP2Runtime Under taker" error message, while you're closing your application. However, as long you’re running the application there are no apparent problems, nor error messages. Everything seems to work fine.

    SecurityInfo info = conn.getSecurityInfo();

    With older devices you don't have such problems. Does anybody know, how to deal this error and how you're supposed to request the security info in new S60 phones?


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    Re: Buggy getSecurityInfo() in new S60 devices?

    hi Mika,

    welcome aboard!
    please do not repost the same question in different places:

    just wondering if that could be related to certificates installed on devices with 2nd ed FP3/3rd edition phones, not sure, just to start dicussion,

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    Re: Buggy getSecurityInfo() in new S60 devices?

    Thanks Peter!

    However, I don't think certificates should be able to crash a MIDlet. Actually, it has something to do with the garbage collector, since I found out the application will crash next time garbage collector is activated, if getSecurityInfo() has been called. If garbage collector isn't activated during the run, application crashes on exit when application’s heap is cleaned up.


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