I have been using a wap push with <wap-provisioningdoc> content to configure Nokia devices for synchronisation with a SyncML server calendar.

the model is that I am using the server to push out calendar entries to the devices, and do not need the clients to sync back to the server. Therefore I would like to set the Synchronisation type to "To phone only" to save having the client data uploaded to the server, and then discarded.

However looking at the OMA-WAP provisioning content spec @ http://www.openmobilealliance.org/re...20050428-C.pdf
it would seem that this is not something that can be set via OMA-WAP provisioning like that.

Is that the case? if so, is there any other way I can provision this sync setting and include the "To Phone Only" Synchronisation type?

Thanks in advance,

Tom H