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    Problem with sending long ringtone... please help.

    I have a long ring tone as below:

    I tried to split into 2 sms and send but it doesnt work, is my splitted code ok?

    first sms
    03:003 021:+60123596150 030:234 032:0605041581000000030A0201 034:024A3A5519B1D5D194041EFD1CA274514A289D14528A274514A289D14528A274514A289D14528A274514A289D14528A274514A289D14528A2B4517A28A51461A930C498624DB14458930C498624B3125D8930C498624DB14458930C498624B3125D8A37051882899146E0A310512228DC14620A22449B8288B482126E0931051

    second sms:
    03:005 021:+60123596150 030:234 032:0605041581000000030A0202 034:7224DC12620A2C449B824C414548A29051363E8000

    Please advice...
    Thank You

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    RE: Problem with sending long ringtone... please help.


    If you are using CIMD2 to send messages, please see the documentation at Forum Nokia CIMD section.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    RE: Problem with sending long ringtone... please help.


    You need to send the ringing tones in binary format. That is done by setting the Data Coding Scheme (DCS) value to 245. In your sample you have put it to value 234 (030:234). Please change that to value 245.

    Please find the ringing tone sample below.
    This is from the Forum Nokia's Smart Messaging FAQ.

    ^B03:009 021:yourMSISDN 032:06050415810000 034:024A3A51D195CDD004001B20550590610560558550548540820849900000 030:245 ^C

    How to split the ringing tone in 2 or 3 messages please study also Forum Nokia's CIMD FAQ (FAQ 6. How do I send 8-bit data that is more than 160 octets long to a handset?)

    Antti/Forum Nokia

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