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    CW: Breakpoints don't break.

    I'm using CW 3.1.1, with the nS60_v1_2_for_MW

    I'm having a problem debugging. Frequently, when
    I set a breakpoint and start a debug run, the bp
    is ignored - the emulator runs right through it and
    fails to stop. The emulator either breaks correctly
    on all the bps, or ignores them all, and I have not
    been able to figure out what causes the skipping

    The bps are on perfectly normal code lines, and
    this occurs even after a complete build, with newly
    set bps.

    This is a serious problem for my development. Anyone
    have any suggestions, or an idea where the problem
    may lie?



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    Re: CW: Breakpoints don't break.


    CodeWarrior 3.1 and later supports Symbian OS 7.0 and later versions and you are using nS60_v1_2_for_MW SDK which is based on Symbian OS 6.1. This might cause some problems but I'm not sure if the breakpoint problem is caused by the support issue. Is it possible to test the application debug with S60 v2.0 SDK which is based on Symbian Os 7.0S?

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