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    Shared database - for Nokia experts!

    I'm using a shared database (by using RDbNamedDatabase) that can be accessed for read and/or write from multiple threads. I looked over the documentation about using shared database with DBMS, but something is still missing to me to fully understand it: while it's possible to gain a read lock (by RDbDatabase::Begin()), the write-lock is gained automatically and if one (or more) of the clients have read-lock, the write operation is failed. My questions are:
    1. How can I check in advance whether the database is read-locked? do I have to wait to a failure?
    2. Is there a way to wait for all the read-locks to be released, or it should be implemented by the application logic.

    Any insight about the best way to handle this correctly will be appreciated :-)

    Thanks, Yigal

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    Re: Shared database - for Nokia experts!

    As far as I know there is no support for locking on Symbian Databases

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    Re: Shared database - for Nokia experts!

    According to the SDK Help, RDbDatabase::InTransaction might be an answer to (1).

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    Re: Shared database - for Nokia experts!

    My experience shows that no matter wat you do, sometimes 2 programs can still simultaneously open transaction to the same database and the just sit there, hanged (no panics, no returning with error)

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