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    Memory leak in N70 & N90?

    We have a memory problem with N70 & N90. I don't know, why memory is leaking while using our application in these particular devices. Below you can find the heap size in N70 according the Task Switcher application (available from http://www.ki-ag.de/). In "Main menu" the heap size should always be equal, but it increases on every round. We haven't been able to reproduce this leak in older S60 devices (Nokia 6670 for example) with our application. Has anybody else experienced memory leaks in N70 or N90?

    Startup: 340k
    Main menu: 352k
    Operation #1: 1256k
    Operation #2: 1256k
    Operation #3: 2164k
    Operation #4: 3160k
    Operation #5: 3252k
    Back to main menu: 3304k
    Operation #1: 4212k
    Operation #2: 4212k
    Operation #3: 5120k
    Operation #4: 6656k
    Operation #5: 6744k
    Back to main menu: 6888k


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    Re: Memory leak in N70 & N90?

    hi Mika,

    could be various reasons I guess,
    similiar thread (new phones v. old phones):
    you should post some info about object used, instantiation (is there lazy instantiation used, resuing object references, etc, which api you think cause that memory issues, etc) so some experienced visitors could post remarks,

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    Re: Memory leak in N70 & N90?

    Hi Peter,

    Actually, we are willing to leave debugging Nokia devices for Nokia's personnel. We just need to know, if defects exist. Now I'm trying to find out, whether other developers have encountered memory leak conditions in N70 & N90. Since application works without leaks on older S60 devices, we assume the problem is with the newer version of kvm. If there are known memory issues in these models, it would be the information we're looking for.


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