Hello, I have written a service that configures an IMAP email account via SMS on mobile phones (soon for commercial use).

This works without problem. The problem seems to be that the phone dosn't seem to sync correctly when I mark mails as read/unread in outlook it dosen't sync the changes with my N80. It does however work when I open msgs on the phone (it registers the change on the server >> other clients).

The same configuration works with out fault on my N70.

On the N80 I cannot subcribe to any of my other folders - again this was no problem on the N70.

I see their are addiontional setting under Email configuration section - I have played around with these with no real luck.

The N80 is on orange and firmware version is : V 3.0617.0.6

I'm not desparate for a solution - and will except it if this is another N80 teething problem - just don't want to waste time testing unnessary!

Any ideas would be great.