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    Dynamically Updating Input Fields


    Im currently working on a WAP application, and I have run into a major problem.

    My WML generating ASP page loads some appointments from a datasource, and displays these to the user. The user can select to edit one of these appointments, but here is where I run into my problem.

    I want the appointment to be edited to be displayed in pre-filled input fields. This works the first time, but every time thereafter, the input fields remember their previous values (the values from the first editing).
    This problem does not occur in WinWap, but it does on the 7110 and in the Nokia toolkit, so I guess it is the cache of the phone which creates the problem.

    So my question is simply :
    How do I dynammicly update the Value
    of an Input Field on the 7110 ??

    In hope of help

    Niklas Kjlbro

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    RE: Dynamically Updating Input Fields

    Honestly, the behavior you encountered with the 7110 phone and toolkit "IS ACTUAL THE REAL WORLD BEHAVIOR".

    just insert newcontext=true inside the card definition and you will be fine.

    Another more complicated approach is with the use of WMLScript to clear out the variables without clearing out history.

    Posted by Jaime Teng, jsteng@qinet.net

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