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    Flash video website not loading.

    I am using Nokia E61 which is supposed to play Flash files. But when I try to play a video file from http://www.travelvideosonline.com website, only a black window is seen. What could the matter be? Do i need to install any softwares?

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    Re: Flash video website not loading.


    that's probably due to two factors:
    your device (E61) comes with FlashLite 1.1 plugin embedded - which does not support FLV (flash video) playback (especially streamed/progressive download),
    only FlashLite 2.0 supports FLV playback on-device,
    second its because that page serves FLV encoded for destkop version of flash pluigin - I'm nearly sure about that even if that is not mentioned on that site FAQ section:


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