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    SDK build 10 problems.

    Just checking:

    Do I still need to install the normal drivers for the D211 from CD when using the SDK build 10. Or should the libraries provided by the SDK build 10 be enough to connect to the D211 card.

    Second: while compiling the SMS example it complains that it cant find the Sms.dep file. Why is that.

    Third: After compiling and executing the Sms.exe from the debug or release directory it complains it cant find the d211ipc.dll
    So basically I cant run it. Why cant if find the dll and where is it.

    So basically what am I doing wrong. Or hopefully somebody could answer my questions.

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    RE: SDK build 10 problems.

    1. I don't think the SDK includes the drivers. The ones on the D211 CD will be needed.

    2. Not sure - others may have the answer - which version of C++?

    3. Copy the "d211ipc.dll" file from "C:\Program Files\Nokia D211" to your SYSTEM32 folder.

    Hope that helps.

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