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    Get Serial Number for S60 3rd SDK

    Dear All,

    I have installed Carbide.c++ and S60 3rd SDK. It was fine.

    But after 42 days, when I start the emulator, a dialog is prompted that I need to get a serial number in order to continue to use. Then I follow the dialog to continue.

    BUT I fail to get the Serial number.

    1. When I do it online, there is web page popup for retrieving the Serial. But after I input the login name and password, it redirects to an Error page prompting me to try again later.
    2. Then I tried the Offline method. But when I try to go to http://www.forum.nokia.com/GetSerialNumber to get the Serial, it says "Page not found" in the nokia web site.

    I have tried for a few days and still cannot make it.

    Does anyone know what's wrong?


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    Re: Get Serial Number for S60 3rd SDK

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