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    Download Manager API

    Hi developers,

    i am making use of Download Manager API for getting a file from an URL, and then move it to a local file. Everything works fine in the emulator, but in release, though the Download state is EHttpDlCompleted, the file seems (it is under private folder and returns -1 when open), not to be created.

    Does somebody have an idea about this, or has he had some similar problem?

    Of course i am working with 3rd edition.

    This is how i prepare the download:

    download.SetStringAttribute( EDlAttrDestFilename, file );
    User::LeaveIfError( download.Start() );

    I have tried different possibilities at EHttpDlCompleted, like force the move of the file, and so on.. but nothing.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Download Manager API

    I answer myself... fucking security!. Do not use a file under private folder to move your content, it will not be created. Why, i duno really, but use instead a temp folder/file.

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