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    Developer Certificates

    Hi All,

    We are a small developers team. We are working on J2ME. To test applications (developed using MIDP2.0) on real device, the applications must be signed.

    Is anybody providing "Developer Certificates for J2ME". For Symbian-app. developers they are giving such certificates. Can we get such "Developer Certificates" for J2ME.

    Can somebody please tell me where we can get "Developer Certificates for J2ME"

    Thanks & Regards

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    There is a feature called Search in the upper left which might have lead you to something like this …

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    Re: Developer Certificates

    @ aravindra : Just to add ::
    If you did not find the Search feature and are still looking for some more stuff, me too have posted some links regarding Signing. Please check this link http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...99&postcount=2

    Hope this helps!


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