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    Python for sony ericsson

    Hello folks

    My problem :: i want to access the sony ericsson phone message inbox to read the stored sms in the inbox . Now I got to know that J2ME cant access the phone inbox in any way and so far its not possible as far as i know so the solution is that i have to turn to python which has a module called inbox BUT theres no such thing as python for sony ericsson phone so that means i cant access the phone inbox on any sony ericsson phone

    do you guys have any info on this as is there any python version for sony ericsson phone or in other words how to access the phone inbox on SE phones.

    on a seperate note can we access the phone inbox using J2ME ?

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    Re: Python for sony ericsson

    "do you guys have any info on this as is there any python version for sony ericsson phone "

    I have not heard of Python being available on SonyEricsson phones.
    However I guess that as well as your other questions might get more accurate answers on SonyEricsson's discussion boards at

    SonyEricsson might provide some proprietary APIs the same way Blackberry does.


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