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    Image transfer from N70 to Web Server (tomcat)

    Hi all

    Can some help me ?

    I want to transfer image from my mobile phone (N70) using https protocl to the web server (tomcat).

    Sample code would b great


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    Re: Image transfer from N70 to Web Server (tomcat)


    device model and SSL does not matter, its could be implemented via http connection (https should be transparent to your implementation on device)
    its all like writing bytes into outputstream in request sent to servlet on Tomcat container,
    see that thread and book I mentioned, it contains source files for sending binary data from midlet to servlet:


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    Re: Image transfer from N70 to Web Server (tomcat)

    The problem might be, that the N70 uses chunked encoding whenever the data you upload exceeds some kBytes. And I have a similar problem with Zope since there's a bug in Zope concerning chunked encodings. Nevertheless, my Tomcat works correctly.

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