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    not able to debug!!!

    hello everyone,
    I am a beginner and have just started workin with codewarrior. I have installed the codewarrior personal edition and Nokia S_60 3rd edition tool.
    Now I have compiled the helloworld project but i am not able to run it or debug it.
    I cant find the option of the emulator on my code warrior window. Please help me out.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: not able to debug!!!

    From the project menu, select Debug (or hit F5) or Run (Ctrl + F5). Or are these not disabled for your project (which implies that it's not built for some reason).

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    Re: not able to debug!!!

    Hey, I too just started last night with my brand spanking new install of CW 3.1. Also trying the helloworld example after giving up on another project.

    Couple things I have noticed,

    1. My first attempt to debug gave me an error saying, "Can't connect to MetroTRK." OK, so it appears to be by default trying to debug on-device (aka Remote Debugging).

    2. There appears to be no setting to turn off Remote Debuggin however I thought if I added
    Edit->{Project name} settings...->Target->Runtime settings->Host app...
    all would work. However I now get a message, "Can't find executable file %s. It may need to be rebuilt."

    Finally to my disappointment it appears that on-device debugging is not supported for 2.6 or 2.8. At least I cannot find source or .sis for a compatible TRK to run on the phone (N70). I hope I am wrong here since we sprung for the extra $$ to get CW Pro for this very feature.

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    Re: not able to debug!!!


    If you want to use on-devoce debugging you need special ROM image to your N70 and that might be almost impossible to get. The TRK.sisx packet does not work on pre S60 3.0 environments due to restrictions of the S60 operation system. The Platform Security introduced in S60 3.0 OS enables the usage of the TRK.sisx packets.

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