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    Lightbulb FOTA


    Got a 6131 with FOTA support.
    Going into Settings -> Telephone setting ->Telephone upgrade
    I can see the current version of my frimware (yey! no more *#0000#) and a greyed out option to "install phone upgrade".
    The only missing option is "download upgrade"!
    My face went from to when I saw this.

    So maybe someone (who knows, and doesn't guess) can tell how, when, where, why and by whom is the option activated?
    How do I configure from where is the software is downloaded?

    Since I have no idea about this, maybe someone could write a little essay about FOTA, and related topics.


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    Re: FOTA

    FOTA requires also carrier / operator support. You need to find out from your operator if (or when) they are going to support it.


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