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    Get Active Access Point (IAP) in S60 3rd?

    I have in my application (Series 60 3rd) two cases that request a internet Acces Point connection (IAP):

    1 - When I use a http connection
    2 - When I download a file with Donwload Manager API

    How can I get active access point ID (IAP) used in http connection to pass for Download Manager API?

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    Re: Get Active Access Point (IAP) in S60 3rd?


    I am getting a list of APs which are configured in the device.
    I am using:
    TCommDbConnPref connectPref;
    // Setup preferences
    // Sets the CommDb ID of the IAP to use for this connection

    I need to know how can i get the list of active connections only,as my application bombs when I select "Zyxel" which is the name of a wireless router, and I try to select it when I am not in the range.
    So, please suggest some way out.....

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