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    Question Backlight and vibration on N70 / S60


    We're developing a game with CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0 and came across the following "roadblocks":

    When calling the javax.microedition.lcdui.Display.flashBacklight() method the backlight flashes a few times BUT the the phone immediately closes the J2ME application (!?).
    When calling the com.nokia.mid.ui.DeviceControl.setLights(0, 100) method the backlight flashes once and the same happens (exits the application).

    What we basically need for our J2ME game is to keep the backlight on during the game (if the user wants to and selects this option).

    I know how it should work in theory (com.nokia.mid.ui.DeviceControl.startVibra() or Display.vibrate()), but is there a way to make it work in practice as well?

    On the emulator both backlight and vibration works... but on the real phone.. you know.. :-/ In the document "2nd Edition Platforms: Known Issues" (http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n..._9_en.pdf.html) they write about known issues in the 6600 - does the same apply to the N70? Has anybody managed to make it work?

    Thanks in advance for any helpful comments!

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    Re: Backlight and vibration on N70 / S60

    Hi klemensz,

    I've tested on S60 6680 phone (2nd Ed FP2) and both works fine:
    I've used only MIDP 2.0 implementation because all recent nokia docs states to not use Nokia UI api for that,
    boolean success = getDisplay().flashBacklight(500);
    txtBacklight.setText("status: "+success);
    boolean success = getDisplay().vibrate(500);
    txtVibra.setText("status: "+success);
    Iv'e got different results on Nokia SDK emulators (as you mentioned them) compared to real device: Nokia Prototype SDK 4 (S60 version) supports only backlight but no vibra, SDK S60 FP3 doesn't support any of above, SDK S60 FP2 seems to support both but no visible feedback in emulator can be observed,

    maybe that could be issue with phone firmware (N70), do you have a chance to test on different device from S60 family or different device of that kind?

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    Cool Re: Backlight and vibration on N70 / S60

    Thank you Peter!
    Finally I managed to make it work with the two MIDP methods.

    The problem that remains: How to keep the backlight on during the game? There is no method for this in MIDP 2.0 and Nokia UI's method DeviceControl.setLights() doesn't seem to work.
    There's another (older) thread that deals with this issue and where people came up with some strange workarounds: backlight on the 7650

    Actually, I'm not using the Nokia SDK emulators but Sun's J2ME Wireless Toolkit. In the end the game should run on all mobiles that support CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0 (+ other necessary APIs) - not only Nokia's.

    The firmware version of my N70 is "V 2.0539.1.2, 19-10-05, RM-84". Guess I'll have to contact my "nearest Nokia authorized repair/service center" to get information about available firmware updates...


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