i am trying to write to the mifare1 card present in the NFC phone back cover from an application preseent in the same phone.For this the securechipconnection should be set to the 'internal mode' so that the NFC api will able to write to the internal mifare1k card.

Now the problem starts.When i am trying to open the securechipconnection (to set the securechipconnection mode to internal)when the NFC contactlessconnection is already open ,the application is throwing an securechipevent whose status is 'Status_Not_connected'.
This implies that the phone does not support two open connections of 'securechipconnection' and 'contactlessconnection' simultaneously.But in the Nokia 3220 NFC phone specifiaction it is mentioned that this phone supports two connections of different classes namely 'securechipconnection' and 'contactlessconnection'.

Please anybody got any idea of where i am going wrong or any solution to this problem help me.