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    how ti build app and sis file ????

    I download a source code, they have all file to make app and everything else. I want to convert those file to sis again, what should i do ?
    I already read sdk document, but i dont understand to convert file .cpp, .rss, .bmp, .bld, .pkg into .app and sis file.
    Help me !

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    RE: how ti build app and sis file ????


    You did not say where you got the source code, but well, supposed you get one from Forum Nokia website and you can see the structure like this
    Appname group inc srcand you can see the appname.inf and appname.mmp in the group subdirectory.

    To build the application for a target device, go to group then issue

    bldmake bldfiles
    abld build armi urel

    To make a sis package, make sure that you have had or created a .pkg file where you can define which files are copied to the device. Example .pkg file:

    #{"Minimal application"},(0x10004299),1,0,0
    ; Only two files to install for the minimal application

    remember that you need to specify the full path for the source files HelloWorld.app and HelloWorld.rsc.

    More information please refer to the SDK's Help with topic
    "Package file format"
    "software installation"
    "How to install optional components"
    "Installation File Generator syntax makesis.exe"

    FN Developer Support

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