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    CRC calculation in Symbian 9 E32 header

    I have been looking at the new Symbian 9 E32Image header, along with some helpful documentation from Antony Pranata: http://www.antonypranata.com/article...eformatv9.html

    Does anyone know that details on calculating the CRC for the header? The CRC is part of the header, so it either has a default value or is somehow skipped.

    Thanks ahead of time for any info.

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    Re: CRC calculation in Symbian 9 E32 header

    Did you ever find any info on calculating the CRC? I've modified the firmware in my phone a little bit so I have allfiles etc. I'm wanting to change the secure id in a few applications that are causing some trouble.

    (Cannot install trusted application from unknown supplier)

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    Question Re: CRC calculation in Symbian 9 E32 header

    Help I'm in trouble also ;p

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    Re: CRC calculation in Symbian 9 E32 header

    How about stopping guessing and downloading the code for the header
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