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    Question i want help in access the outlook through mobile

    Asalam 3alykoum:
    hello all,
    my group and i assigned a project to do the following:
    1- Syncronize the outlook with mobile so that i can (get alarms for schedualed meeting,new mails,...)to my mobile.
    2- Syncronization conection asked to be made via blutooth.
    we choosed J2me to implement mobile side, but our thoughts not organized so it would be kind of u to write guide to start working.
    thanks alot

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    Re: i want help in access the outlook through mobile

    If you want to access the PIM (Personal Information Management) details (contacts, calendar) on a phone from a Java program, study JSR-75, in addition to JSR-82 (Bluetooth).

    You can find these and other JSR specifications on http://www.jcp.org

    Note that besides writing a phone app, you also need to write a corresponding PC (Windows) program that knows how to talk to Outlook (besides being able to communicate with your app on the phone).

    And, since all phones do not support JSR-75, you need to choose a test device that does (unless you only use a phone emulator).

    Nokia's development tools for Java you can find on http://forum.nokia.com/java and device specs on http://forum.nokia.com/devices

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