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    SIP problems in j2me

    i m trying to build an application for voip using sip. i successfully made one part of sip session. tht is i can call(means i send tokens) to any sip mobile(curently i call to X-Pro sip phone), but i m unable to recive it from any sip mobile or ma app.

    i m using SipServerConnectionNotifier to listen to server. but i think tht. sample code is given below

    private void startListener() {

    try {
    if(scn != null)
    // start a listener for incoming request
    form.append("Waiting for the connection.");
    System.out.println("sdp +" + sdp);
    scn = (SipConnectionNotifier) Connector.open("sip:*;type=\"" + SDP_MIME_TYPE + '"');
    form.append("Listening on port: "+scn.getLocalPort());
    } catch(Exception ex) {
    form.append(EXCEPTION + ex.getMessage());

    where scn = server conection notifier.

    now plz guid me y i m unable to recive a call n weather i hav to write clinet conection for ti too. if yes plz give some sample code.



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    Re: SIP problems in j2me

    Hi Qasitocuh,
    this link maybe helpfull

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