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    Unhappy Setting environment variables

    Hi All,

    I hav installed Carbide C++ v1.0, Since i was not able to build frm the IDE, i used the command-line,
    I get this error when building from the command-line:

    ERROR: Unable to identify a valid CodeWarrior for Symbian OS installation

    When i searched for th solution, i got this:

    Then you probably have never istalled CW or Carbide.vs. The problem is that the include paths for the WINSCW compiler need to be generarted from environement variables and can't becuase Carbide does not create them. Currently to workaround the problem you can install CW or Carbide.vs. There is a utility in these installations called 'evn_update.exe' that can set these variables for you dynamically.

    Cna any 1 tell me how to enable the Utility 'evn_update.exe' so as to set the variabels...

    Thanx for your kind attension...

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    Re: Setting environment variables

    Sorry for the delay in responding; I don't monitor the General forum so I didn't see it. I've moved your post to a more appropriate forum.

    Why are you unable to build from the IDE? Are you getting error messages?

    The env_update.exe application exists in CodeWarrior but not in Carbide.


    Matt P.

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