Dear All,

I am trying the send SMS using either 8310 and 3210 phone with SDK 2.1 SMSEmail sample. However, the sample not works in above two phones, it can't send SMS. My configuration is Win200, VC++ 6.0, SDK 2.1. I tried to modify the program SMSEmail to send SMS directly when the program start but exception occurred in Send() SMS lib function. The GetLastErr() return 0 which means CreateShortMessage() function call is success.. I urgently need your advise and solution to the problem!!!

My source code added in the SMSEmail program WinMain() function:
IShortMessagePtr pSMS;
pSMS = pISMSSend->CreateShortMsg();
pSMS->PutOtherEndAddress( "92399999" );
pSMS->PutUserDataText( "ada test sms"
pISMSSend->Send( pSMS );
//program exit with exception in Send() function
catch ( ... )
::sprintf( szMessage, ":ialogBox failed because of error %#x.", ::GetLastError() );
::MessageBox( 0, szMessage, PROCESS_NAME, MB_ICONERROR | MB_OK );

ThankX and Regards,
Ada Yuen