Hi Everyone,

I am having some issues with my new N91. I recently had the firmware upgraded, and the issues have not improved at all. I'm hoping someone out there has faced and solved some similar issues, or perhaps that you can point me in the right direction towards finding a solution of my own.

WiFi (WLAN). Okay, the N91 comes with WiFi built in. I have been able to find networks, and browse the internet on my phone, in Infrastructure mode. It is pretty simple. The problem has to do with encryption.
On my home network, I use WPA encryption with TKIP. The N91 configuration screens give me the option of using WPA with TKIP, but the phone won't connect. I tried changing to WEP on my home network, and configuring the N91 to use that encryption instead, but it also did not work.
Since I use other computers on my network with WiFi, turning off encryption is not an option. I did test the phone and the router with encryption off, it connects.

The issue is, the N91 will only connect to un-encrypted networks. This is fine for free hotspots, but I want to sync with my home PC via WLAN, send email and use the phone via VOIP. I also need to connect to encrypted networks on the road.

Has anyone managed to connect to an encrypted network with an N91? Do you know what specific hardware you were connecting to, and what protocols you used?

The second issue is Bluetooth. I drive a 2006 BMW M3 with bluetooth support. My old phone (Sony t630) connected to the car via bluetooth flawlessly. It shared the phonebook with my car, and automatically diverts calls to the car when I'm driving. I can answer the phone via a button on my steering wheel, which automatically cuts out the radio and allows me to take calls while driving.

The Nokia "pairs" with my car. However, regardless of what I do, it will not share the phone book, nor will it transfer audio to my car's sound system. According to the Nokia documentation, the pairing process requires that a code be entered for the bluetooth device on the phone, and for the phone on the bluetooth device. I cannot set a code in my car (the bluetooth device), since that is not an option. I can set the code on the phone for my car, and the phone then reports "Pairing Complete". Setting a code on the car was not required for my trusty old Sony. Though the N91 claims "Pairing Complete" there does not appear to be any mechanism for activating the car handsfree via the phone, and the car does not automatically take a call if the phone rings while paired. (On the Sony, one can "Send Call" to a blue tooth device, if the device doesn't automatically take the call, or if the pairing takes place after the call has been initiated.)

Does anyone know of a work around to get the phone to pair for audio (I can live without the phone book). Does anyone know of a third party application that will fix the blue tooth on the Nokia to make it work more effectively with my car?

Any information that can be provided on either of these topics will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!