Hi, everyone
I want to develop with SyncML Client API. And I got some useful information about SyncML Client from Symbian OS SDK V8.1a (Symbian OS SDK V8.1a>>Symbian OS guide>>Application protocol>>Using SyncML Client).
The problem is that I cannot find the Class which is mentioned in the SDK above, such as CSmlController, CSmlProfile and CSmlTask. And also, I cannot find these Classes by searching the Class name in the .h files and .lib files contained in the installation root.
It seems that Nokia and Symbian have a different implement of SyncML Client. In the products of Nokia, it doesn’t provide the SyncML Client API defined in Symbian system. Now , how can I to get SyncML Client API defined in Symbian??
Is there anyone can help me with this problem?

Thanks in advance!