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    Obfuscators: which is the best to use

    I am looking for an obfuscator that can decrypt my class files to the last.
    I dont want people using the JAD decompiler tool to read my codes after deployment(which is the case now :-( )
    I have tried proguard, retroguard and zelixs klasmaster(which seems to be the best so far) but they aren't good enough.

    Any suggestions on the best to use?



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    Re: Obfuscators: which is the best to use

    i think that proguard and retroguard are the best you can find.

    In java you are unable to hide your code perfectly. I have to problems to understand an obfuscated code of applications smaller than 15kB but if i get a 100kB application, it takes weeks to comprehend.

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    Smile Re: Obfuscators: which is the best to use


    Assuming that you ment "obfuscate" rather than "decrypt" my view is that you should not seek the most aggressive obfuscator in the market or consider obfuscating your code with the most aggressive obfuscation levels provided by your obfuscator.

    JIT compilers in particular can be sensitive to byte code flows that are too aggressively obfuscated and the JIT compiler or VM *may* crash at specific points in your code that can be really difficult to pinpoint.

    Therefore my suggestion would be to try the obfuscators that you mentioned with the lowest obfuscation levels and make your decision based on that byte code together with other selection criteria like the level of integration of the obfuscators into your build process; and e.g. the final class sizes after the obfuscation process.

    Hope that this helps

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