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    Question Available ports for receiving SMS


    I want write a MIDLet which will listen to a particular port for messages. Does anyone know which are the range of ports for 6600 which are generally unused and can be used to receive SMS by a MIDLet?


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    Re: Available ports for receiving SMS

    Hi Sourav,

    See the text below:

    "You can pick a random port number to use from the private/dynamic port range 49152-65635; the range 0-49151 is used by privileged applications or user applications such as WAP; refer to the WMA 2.0 specification for more information on which ones you should avoid. You can reserve your own port number for your application by contacting the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)."

    This is from:

    The Wireless Messaging API 2.0


    Juarez Junior

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