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    Push Registry, OTA and carbide.j emulator


    i am working with carbide.j 1.5 emulator, and i am trying to install a midlet suite via OTA.
    This Midlet Suite contains a Push Registry Entry in the jad file, triggered by sms.
    I build the suite with NetBeans 5, dedicated for the emulator i want to with (s60 prototype).

    When i launch the OTA install from carbide : "Start Emulators">"OTA simulation">"Install from URL" etc..
    I do get the "The suite is not authorized for javax.microedition.io.PushRegistry" error message (triggered by the Push Registry Entry in the jad file, since i do not have the error message when i remove it)

    Maybe i do not understand rightly the error message, but i understand it as a signing issue raising security error ?

    I specify the Permissions for my midlets suite with netbeans, build my jar *then* i sign the jad file of my midlet suite with the carbide.j "Sign application package" and i use the only default key in the keystore.
    Jad file is updated with cert keys entries, but i am still getting the same error Message.

    Did i miss one step ?
    Are the netbeans midlets suite not compliant with carbide.j ?

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    Re: Push Registry, OTA and carbide.j emulator

    On more simpler, does carbide.j support Push Registry mechanism ?

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    Re: Push Registry, OTA and carbide.j emulator

    hi Hugo,

    try following,
    with netbeans using SDK of your choice clear/build/deploy project
    open carbide.j instance (standalone - I don't have integration with NB)
    go to run emulators tab
    RUN tab -
    configure your emulator for a given SDK if required
    selected .jad file from system drive
    "OTA Simulation" tab, just select option, jad should be already prefilled,

    NetBeans has "run via ota" simulation feature built into project properties panel but it does not work with e.g. S60 SDK emulators (but works fine with Sun WTK emulator) or at least I don't know how to test it that way


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    Re: Push Registry, OTA and carbide.j emulator

    Ok i'll try to follow the steps you gave me, but grossly what i was trying to set in place with s60 emulators was the same OTA emulation we can find with the WTK (sortof stand alone OS mobile handling several midlets suites).

    I was able to launch the s60 emulator 2E3R in a standalone mode (which takes a rather long time to execute) and install my midlets suite in it, then manage the business i wanted to set in place (ie. multitasking applications), which helped me to validate my assertions.

    Anyhow, thank you for your help.

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